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Jewellery Cases, Displays & Accessories

HIPC Jewel Box is your one-stop source for your presentation and packaging needs.
Our product lines include boxes and displays for all types of jewellery, silverware, crystal and glassware, watches and medals as well as other bespoke items.
The quality of the materials used, together with delicate craftmanship, enhances the uniqueness of our products.
Every single item is produced with great care for detail in every stage of manufacturing and our team will work with you through all the stages of designing and producing the custom-made packaging you require.

Jewellery Boxes

Unique Designs

Jewel Boxes

Present your finest pieces with our elegant and timeless jewel boxes. Choose from 5 different product categories offering over 20 collections with a wide range of styles, marvelous colours and finest materials.

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Jewellery Displays

In-Store Presentation

Jewellery Displays

Visual Merchandising at its Best. Several display collections to present your fine jewellery in-store and each collection is customizable with your choice of fine leathers, suedes and high quality fabrics.

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Pouches & Wraps

Soft Packaging

Pouches Wraps

Pouches and Wraps both make a fine presentation for the jewellery contained within and also help keep the pieces clean and in good condition when used both for storage and when travelling.

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Stock & Storage

For all precious items

Stock & Storage

Presentation trays, stock cases and rolls as well as furniture cabinets with inserts to store your stock of  jewellery, watches and precious stones.

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Bespoke Items

Accessories made-to-order

Custom orders for all your cases, packaging or presentation needs, for fine silverware, medals, coins, trophies and any other accessories you may require.

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Delicate Craftmanship

High-End Materials & Fittings

We use the finest materials for our products which are sourced from all over the world – leathers, velvets, silks and satins, high quality paper like Skivertex®. Gold and Silver tooling, personalized logo prints, hinges and buttons in various metals and skillful wood works are all produced in-house.

Leathers & Suedes

Customization Choices for Outside Cover with real leather and suede or high quality imitation leathers and suedes.

Velvets, Silk, Satin & Suede

Fabric swatches of Velvets, Silk and Suede for exterior and interior cover of jewelry boxes, displays, stock cases.

Papers & Cardboards

High quality papers and boards for cost effective exterior and interior cover of jewelry boxes and outer packers.

Natural Wood Veneers

Outside cover material of wood veneer can be selected for some models of jewelry boxes, bespoke cases, storage items.

Tooling & Metal Fittings

Tooling Designs and colour swatches as well as metal fitting options for button fasteners.

How to Navigate our Site
  • Our About Us page gives you details about our long history of being a luxury packaging manufacturer und read about the values which we hold dear.
  • On the Contact page, you will not only find the adresses and contact details of our offices worldwide but also be able to just fill out a contact form. Our full range of PDF catalogues of our products can be downloaded there too.

HIPC Jewel Box is really your one-stop source for your presentation and packaging needs. The links hereunder will introduce our various merchandise sections. Our numerous product lines are divided in categories and collections, on those pages you’ll get an overview and  access to discover all our product categories and their collections.

  • We offer an online catalogue, set up like a shop page, where you can scroll through over 1000 products or filter them by category and tags.
  • If you prefer to browse our products offline, you may download all our product catalogues as PDF files.
  • You may add each individual product to a “Get a Quote” list through the online catalogue page or the actual product page. Send it then to us to get a quote “As Is” for the products you may be interested in, without any special request. Here a link for one example product so that you can see how easy it is.
  • For each collection, we have prepared special request forms which give you the option to customize the products to your needs. Select your preferred cover material and its color, send us your logo, add tooling. All the available forms, per collection, can be accessed through the individual product page (Details tab) or be found on our contact page.

Our Factory in Vietnam

We pride ourselves in providing perfect crafts and high work ethics. European quality, design, service and refinement combined with the delicate craftmanship of our Vietnamese workforce to achieve the high standards of quality our customers request and need.

Get in touch with our sales team in the US, in Europe, New Zealand or Vietnam to discuss your needs and get a personalized quotation.


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