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Redwood (Paper Box) Collection

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We will guide you through several steps to select all the possible customisation options. You may select several products from this collection; your selected customisation options with regards to exterior and interior material, tooling and logo print will be applied to the quotation for all products. Please note the form may be slow to load as hundreds of photos will load in the background for you to make your choices.

Redwood Collection

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REDWOOD COLLECTION: Make your selection of products with the dropdown field after the picture gallery.


Step 3: Exterior Materials

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Flutex Colors
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Weavex Colors
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Step 4: Inside Box Pad Material Options

Select Material and colour for inside box pad
Vellux Colors
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Step 5: Logo Printing

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Printed Logo Top Lid (inside / outside)

The logo (printing stamps) used on inner lid & outer top lid could be different foils (color) as different materials can be used on all parts of the component.
Eg: interior lid of the F01 case could have a silver foil logo, then the top lid could have a gold foil logo.
Therefore, please select all print colors you need from the print foil colors hereunder and leave your instructions in the text box.

Foil Colors for Logo Printing
Choose all colors needed for logo printing.
Example: Use uploaded Logo1.png for Exterior Top Lid with foil color FL20

Final Step

Let us know additional requirements or questions.

We thank you for letting us know all you customization requirements. You will receive a copy of your request once you click the submit button.
We will get in contact with you shortly and forward to you the currently available leather choices. Please do not hesitate to email us for additional information you may require