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Pouches and Wraps make a fine presentation for the jewellery contained within and also help keep the pieces clean and in good condition when used for storage or when travelling. Our collections are available in a variety of fabrics and materials and product design.
Any item can be customized to your needs with regards to material and logo printing.
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Folder Collection

Display and package necklaces with our Caspian folders which are presented with Faux Suede as outside and inside material.

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Draw String Collection

Small to large pouches with draw strings and using soft Vellux material to protect jewellery during travels or storage.

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Cord String Pouch Collection

The Ultra Suede material used for these jewellery bags give the items a smooth brushed surface with a fine grain.

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Silk Folder Collection

A collection of foam padded silk folders with hidden magnet fasteners to protect the jewellery contained within.

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Necklace Folder Collection

Necklace folders covered with synthetic chamois leather complete with straps to hold the necklace and two sided curtain covers.

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Necklace Folder Collection

The Ultra Suede used in this square necklace folder collection maintains the appearance and texture of suede.

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Envelope Pouch Collection

A large collection of envelop style wallets covered with Ultra Suede material for a smooth and elegant looking finish.

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Necklace Folder Collection

Soft Suede is used as exterior cover and silk as inside lining material for these elegant necklace folders.

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Zip Top Pouch Collection

A collection of zip top edge pockets complete with stitched in foam pad to protect the jewellery piece inside.

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Silk Pouch Collection

Simple silk bags with fine cord draw pull which can be supplied with or without silk inner divider and printed logo.

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Luxury Pouch Collection

Luxurious jewellery pouches complete with stitched inside gusset and covered with fine Faux Suede material.

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