SKU: E02
E02 Small Flap Earring Case

Part of the Rome Collection, Style and Elegance:
Internal Dimension (in mm): 52 x 50 x 27
Earring Case with Insert fixed in base, foam padded & on flap, covered soft leather or suede, please confirm if flap is to be slit through leather suede

This jewel box is shown with the following customization options:
A) Outside Cover Material: Blue Real Leather RL611
B/C/D) Tooling: none
E) Front button fastener type: P3/B Big
F) Inside lid top pad & joint & fillet in base: Grey Suede Leather RL663
G) Inside Base Pad: Grey Suede Leather RL663
H) Printed Logo Inside Lid: Gold FL02

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The available customization options for this Earring Case are:

A) Outside Cover Material: Currently available Real Leather or Real Suede options will be sent upon request
B/C/D) Tooling for case lid, sides, rims not available for this collection
E) Front button fastener type: Brass or Nickel for exposed top clip; on the outside the button is covered in leather
F) Inside lid top pad, hinge joint & fillet base: Choose any colour from Faux Suede Material or request to receive available Real Suede skiver
G) Inside Base Pad: refer to Faux Suede Material Collection or request to receive available Real Suede skiver.
H/I) Your logo: choose location (inside and/or outside lid for jewellery box and outside lid for outerbox) and select colour

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