SKU: E15
E15 Pendant Case

Part of the Rome Collection, Style and Elegance:
Internal Dimension (in mm): 62 x 90 x 32
Pendant Case: Lift out pad with suede or leather ribbon loops, covered soft leather or suede, top edge slit through suede leather to allow neck chain to slot in

This Jewel Box is shown with the following customization options:
A) Outside Cover Material: Red Real Leather RL623
B/C/D) Tooling: none
E) Front button fastener type: P3/B Big
F) Inside lid top pad & joint & fillet in base: Cream Suede Leather RL657
G) Inside Base Pad: Cream Suede Leather RL657
H) Printed Logo Inside Lid: Gold FL02

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The available customization options for this Pendant Case are:

A) Outside Cover Material: Currently available Real Leather or Real Suede options will be sent upon request
B/C/D) Tooling for case lid, sides, rims not available for this collection
E) Front button fastener type: Brass or Nickel for exposed top clip; on the outside the button is covered in leather
F) Inside lid top pad, hinge joint & fillet base: Choose any colour from Faux Suede Material or request to receive available Real Suede skiver
G) Inside Base Pad: refer to Faux Suede Material Collection or request to receive available Real Suede skiver.
H/I) Your logo: choose location (inside and/or outside lid for jewellery box and outside lid for outerbox) and select colour

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