KAS111 Jewelry Tray w/ 48 lift-out pads

Part of the Presentation Trays Collection:
Jewelry Tray for 48 pieces with removable pads (portrait format) for neck chain, earrings or pendant
-> Internal Dimension (in mm): 458 x 224 x 24
-> Lift-Out Pad Sections (in mm): 33 x 50

This product is shown with the following options:
-> Insert Pad Type A with lift ribbon
-> Outside Cover Material: Black Duratex DX1701
-> Outside Base Tray & Inside Fillet Base: Black Moccasin MN1809
-> Inside Grid Divider & Grid Base: Black Moccasin MN1809
-> Lift-Out Pad Material: Grey Ultra Suede UE506

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The available customization options for this Jewelry Tray are:

-> 6 different Insert Pad Styles to choose from, all with lift ribbon:

Type A Insert Type B Insert Type C Insert Type D Insert Type E Insert Type F Insert

A: Portrait Wedge Pad for earrings
B: Portrait Pad plain, no piercing
C: Portrait Pad w/ slits for neck chain

D: Portrait Pad w/ 2 slots for earring with safety wire
E: Portrait Pad with hook 5mm from top edge
F: Portrait Pad w/ holes 20mm from top edge, stud earrings

-> Outside Cover Material shown on all products of this collection is the robust Duratex Material, but you may choose Real Leather (currently available skiver will be sent upon request).

-> For Interior Materials of Fillet Base, Grid Divider and Grid Base, Removable Pads you may choose from Faux Suede, Ultra Suede, Soft Suede, Moccasin, Chamoislux, Shimmerlux, Velvet or Vellux  Material Swatches

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