MUS003 Large Silk Pouch

Part of the Windermere Collection, Pouches and Wraps:
External Dimension (in mm): 175 x 170
Internal Dimension (in mm): 153 x 168
Large Silk Pouch with fine cord draw pull with silk end tags, can be supplied with or without silk inner divider, your name or logo can be printed on the outside (one or two sided) if required

This product is shown with the following options:
-> Pouch Material: Grey Silk SS1012
-> Pull String: Black Cord
-> Logo Print One Side: Gold FL02

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The available customization options for this Silk Pouch are:

-> Pouch Material: Choose any colour from Silk & Satins material swatch.

-> Cord / Tie: Select your preferred colour for the cord

-> Your logo can be printed on one or two sides with your preferred print stamp colour


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