SKU: sc022
SC022 Bracelet Case for 10 Pieces

Part of the In-Store Stock Case Collection:
5 on bracelet case with thin pads to hold bracelets; pad with two elastic loops (Type A) and pad with one hook & one elastic loop (Type B) insert shown on gallery picture
-> Internal Dimension (in mm): 338 x 228 x 38
-> Lift-Out Pad Sections (in mm): 29 x 225

This product is shown with the following options:
-> Insert Pad Type A (white elastic loops x 2)and B (brass hook and white elastic loop) with lift ribbon
-> Outside Cover Material: Grey Duratex DX1704
-> Inside Top Lid, Joint & Fillet Base: White Silk SS1001
-> Inside Divider and Lift-Out Pad Material: Grey Ultra Suede UE503
-> Front Buttons: Brass 168/B
-> Blind Emboss on Sides: TS2 / BS2
-> Logo Print Inside Lid: Black FL19

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The available customization Bracelet Case for this product are:

-> 3 different Insert Pad Styles to choose from, all with lift ribbon:

Type A Insert    Type B Insert    Type C Insert

A: Pad with two elastic loops
B: Pad with one hook & one elastic loop
C: Pad plain no piercing

-> Outside Cover Material shown on all products of this collection is the robust Duratex Material, but you may choose Real Leather (currently available skiver will be sent upon request), Skivertex® or Skiverlite.

-> Interior Material for Lining inside lid top pad, joint & fillet base can be chosen from Silk & Satins, Faux Suede, Ultra Suede, Soft Suede, Moccasin, Chamoislux or Shimmerlux Material Swatches.

-> Cover Material for Inside Pads can be Faux Suede, Ultra Suede, Soft Suede, Moccasin, Chamoislux or Shimmerlux.

-> Foil Tooling or Blind Embossing can be applied to various locations: Top Lid, Lid Sides, Base Sides and Rims of Lid and Base

-> Logo Print is possible inside and outside; a name plate holder can be placed on the front of any case and metal fittings (hinges, front buttons) are available in Brass or Nickel.

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