SKU: V04
V04 Universal Box (Insert Type A & B)

Part of the Hawthorn Paper Jewelry Box Collection:
Internal Dimension (in mm): 78 x 70 x 30
Universal Box with 2 types of interior to choose from:
Type A:
Lift out pad, insert foam padded, covered fabric with ribbon lift, two slits to hold chain, two holes to hold earrings
Type B: Fabric laminated onto foam, slit to hold chain, star cut to hold earrings

This cardboard box is shown with the following options:
A) Outside Cover Material: Green Flutex FX1205
B) Inside Lining: White lined board
C) Inside Box Pad: Ivory Vellux VX801

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The available customization options for this Universal Box are:

-> Outside Cover Material: Choose any colour from Weavex or Flutex paper material

-> Inside Box Pad Material: Choose any colour from Soft Suede or Vellux fabric material

-> Choose Insert Type A (Insert Lift Out) or Type B (Fabric Laminated onto Foam)

-> Your logo can be printed on outside top lid or inside lid: choose location and select colour

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