SKU: ash129
ASH129 Double Tier Drawer Cabinet

Part of the Imperial Storage Collection:
External Dimension (W x H x D in mm): 700 x 770 x 500
Drawer Depth: 50 mm (Ref.: CUD003) or 75 mm (Ref.: CUD004)
Related Drawer Inserts for Jewellery and Watches: DRW003 to DRW050

Deluxe double tier drawer cabinet with wood veneer exterior finish; each drawer front with cut-in slot to hold information slide-in tickets; cabinet is fitted with roll-away bottom wheels that are lockable.

This product is shown with the following options:
-> Exterior Cover Material: Wood Veneer White Oak WV006
-> Inner Lining of Drawers: Black Duratex DX1701
-> 4 Lockable Wheels
-> On Drawers: Cut-in Slots for Nameplate Inserts

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The available customization options for this Drawer Cabinet are:

-> Outside Cover Material shown on the Cabinet products of this collection is from our Natural Wood Veneer Material Swatch; you may choose your preferred veneer.

-> The cabinet can be supplied with different depth drawers, the side slide system allows for different draw depths.

-> Inside Lining of drawer is in Duratex for durability with the colour of your choice.


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