TOP021 Curved Column Bracelet Display

Part of the Topaz Jewellery Display Collection:
External Dimension (in mm): 120 x 55 x 130
Curve front column bracelet display to display multiple or single wide piece bracelets, sides of the display lacquer finish with fabric to center to present the jewellery at its best velcro grid strap to rear of display to secure the piece in position whilst on display

This product is shown with the following options:
-> Outside Center Cover Material: Silver Leatherlux LX401
-> Column Sides: Hardwood, Silver Lacquer
-> Fastener Type: Velcro for Back, Magnet on Base

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The available customization options for this Bracelet Display are:

Outside Cover Material shown on all products of this collection is the luxurious Leatherlux Material.
-> You may choose another material and any color from a selection of high quality fabrics like Faux Suede, Ultra Suede, Soft Suede, Velvet, Vellux and Moccasin  Materials.

-> For select products of this collection the base can be covered with a different material and color or with your choice of lacquer paint colour for hardwood bases.

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