EME122 Insert Drop Earrings Pad (fits EME120)

Part of the Emerald Display Collection:
External Dimension (in mm): 68 x 78
Bar (in mm): 38
Flap Return 9in mm): 15

Inner drop earrings pad to fit into display unit EME120; the insert can be a contrasting colour to the display unit; cover material and colour can be selected from several available swatches

Fits in Display Unit EME120

This product is shown with the following options:
-> Exterieur Cover Material: Brown Faux Suede FE1602
-> Back Cover Material: Brown Skivertex® SX104

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The available customization options for this Earrings Pad are:

For the Outside Cover Material of all items in this collection, you may choose from several high-end material swatches : Faux Suede, Leatherlux, Ultra Suede, Soft Suede, Velvet, Vellux or Moccasin

Insert Cover Material can be chosen in a different colour and material than the Base Display Unit (EME120).

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