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We will guide you through several steps to select all the possible customization options. You may select several products from this collection; your selected customization options with regards to exterior material and colour will be applied to the quotation for all products. Please note the form may be slow to load as lots of photos will load in the background for you to make your choices.

Imperial Collection

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Step 2: Select products to include in our quote

Make your selection of products by selecting the images which will open possible customization options, then add quantities for each product reference code you require through the dropdown field.

Imperial Collection

Step 3a: Select Wood Veneer & Drawer Depth

Select your preferred wood veneer for the exterior finish, your preferred colour for the interior Duratex lining of the drawers and the depth of drawer.

Drawer Depth for ASH129
Choose your preferred drawer depth
Drawer Depth for CAB006
Choose your preferred drawer depth
Wood Veneer Exterior
Choose the Wood Veneer for the exterior of the cabinet
Duratex Interior Lining Colour
Select Inside Lining Colour from Duratex Material Swatch
Let us know any of your questions or concerns with regards to the Cabinets

Step 3: Select Exterior Material (Drawer Inserts)

We recommend to select Faux Suede as luxurious yet durable cover material for all drawer inserts as shown on the product images.

Exterior Material Choices
Select Outside Cover Material and Colour for the drawer inserts (same for all products selected).
Faux Suede Colors
Choose your color of Faux Suede Material
Ultra Suede Colors
Choose your preferred Ultra Suede color
Soft Suede Colors
Choose your Soft Suede color
Vellux Colors
Choose your Vellux color
Moccasin Colors
Select the Moccasin color of your choice

Step 4: Drawer Inserts Size

The default size for all drawer inserts is based on our Single Tier Drawer Cabinet (CAB006) with 285 x 328 mm in width and length.
Size will be adjusted by HIPC if our Double Tier Cabinet Model (ASH129) is selected.
You may also input your required dimension of drawer inserts for your existing storage cabinets to receive a detailed quote.

Default Size is for CAB006 and ASH129 and is 285 x 328 mm in width and length, or input your required size .

Final Step

Let us know additional requirements or questions.

We thank you for letting us know all you customization requirements. You will receive a copy of your request once you click the submit button.
A detailed quotation including all your choices will be send to you shortly. Please do not hesitate to email us for additional information you may require